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Tranh quyển lụa “khủng” tk 18 bán gần 31 tr đô la tại Paris

Bản tin Việt ngữ trên thanhnien online:

(TNO) Một bức tranh lụa khổng lồ, dài hơn 24 mét, xuất xứ từ Trung Quốc (ảnh) vừa được bán với giá 19 triệu bảng Anh tại một cuộc đấu giá ở thủ đô Paris (Pháp).
Theo Telegraph, tác phẩm nghệ thuật nói trên được xác định thuộc thời Hoàng đế Càn Long (khoảng năm 1748). Nó từng nằm phủ bụi nhiều năm trên gác mái một căn hộ tại Paris (Pháp), trước khi được nhà đấu giá người Pháp tên Marc Labarbe mua lại.

Ảnh: AFP

Đây là một trong bộ bốn tranh lụa vẽ về cuộc diễn tập của đội quân 20.000 người của Trung Quốc vào thế kỷ 17.
Được biết, hai bức khác trong bộ bốn tranh lụa này, có một bức hiện đang được trưng bày tại Bảo tàng Cung điện Bắc Kinh (Trung Quốc), còn một bức đã được bán đấu giá tại Hồng Kông năm 2008, với giá 67,86 triệu USD.

Bản tin ngắn Anh ngữ trên The Canadian Press – ONLINE EDITION:

Enormous 18th-century Chinese silk scroll painting sells for more than $30 million in FranceBy: The Associated PressPosted: 03/26/2011 11:04 AM

PARIS – A giant 18th-century Chinese silk scroll painting of a military troop review has been sold at auction for more than €22 million ($30.8 million), the highest auction price for a Chinese work in France.
The work, found in a Paris attic and sold in Toulouse by auctioneer Marc Labarbe, is one of a series of four works of 17th-century manoeuvrs that mobilized some 20,000 men.
A Hong Kong collector, who asked to remain anonymous, made the winning bid Saturday of €22,057,000 after a ferocious bidding war with seven others.
The 24-meter-long (78.7 feet) horizontal scroll was painted around 1748 under Emperor Qianlong.
One of the four scrolls is in the Palace Museum of Beijing, and another was auctioned off in 2008 at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong — for $67.86 million.

Bản tin Anh ngữ cho biết thêm người thắng đấu giá mang quốc tịch HongKong phải tranh giá với 7 người khác để thắng đấu giá và Marc Labarbe là nhà đấu giá chứ không phải là thể nhân ( họ mua lại bức tranh từ chủ củ với giá khoảng 5 tới 6 tr euros! ( chú bởi KHTN)

Bản tin anh ngữ chi tiết tại tin tài chính Bloomberg:

Chinese 18th-century painting

A section from a 79-foot (24 meter) scroll showing the Quianlong emperor reviewing his troops. The 18th-century Chinese painting was originally estimated to fetch between 5 million euros ($6.9 million) and 6 million euros at the Toulouse, France-based auction house, Labarbe, on March 26. It sold for 22.1 million euros. Source: Labarbe via Bloomberg

Chinese 18th-century painting

A section from a 79-foot (24 meter) scroll showing the Quianlong Emperor reviewing his troops. It is one of four Imperial examples thought to have been looted from the Forbidden City in 1900. Source: Labarbe via Bloomberg

A Qianlong-dynasty scroll painting sold today in Toulouse, south-west France, for a record 22.1 million euros ($31 million), the latest in a series of big- ticket auction prices pledged by Asian bidders keen to buy back China’s heritage.
The price of the 79-foot (24 meter) scroll, including fees, was the most paid for a Chinese artwork at a French auction. The work, showing the army of the Qianlong emperor at a military review, was originally estimated to fetch between 5 million euros and 6 million euros by the Toulouse auction house Labarbe.
“The bidding was secure,” Pierre Ansas, the freelance Asian art specialist who catalogued the painting, said in an interview. Ansas, who will earn a commission of more than 5 percent, said the estimate was raised to 13 million euros to 15 million euros after seven Asian bidders registered to take part.
The values of Chinese antiques are rising even outside the country’s own art market, which is now second only to the U.S. On March 22 at Sotheby’s in New York, a Chinese vase decorated in gold and the “famille rose” palette sold for $18 million against an estimate of $800 to $1,200. While the piece had been catalogued as “probably Republican (early 20th century),” some people thought it was an 18th-century piece, according to Giuseppe Eskenazi, a dealer in Chinese art.
Today, the small salesroom in a quiet side street in the east of the French city was packed with more than 300 people including 40 Asian dealers, agents and collectors.

Bidding Contest

Bidders competed for 10 minutes before the scroll was knocked down to a Chinese buyer at the back of the room, brandishing paddle 109. He refused to comment after the sale. Both he and the underbidder, sitting in the second row, are Beijing-based collectors. They fought off competition from at least two other people in the room and a client on the telephone.
Five months earlier, in November, a Qianlong-dynasty vase was bid to 51.6 million pounds (then $83.2 million) at a Bainbridges sale in west Ruislip, on the outskirts of London. The price was a record for any Chinese work of art offered at auction. Auctioneer Peter Bainbridge said on Feb. 3 that he hadn’t yet received payment from the successful Beijing-based bidder.
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